Tuesday, 20 October 2009

problems with my mesh

so i transferred my mesh into Zbrush after i thought it was finished and then i encountered problems with my model. there were holes in the neck area ( in Zbrush not in maya) and in some areas there was a clear seam with strange irregularities.

so i went back into maya and tried to fix the problems with relative success, with the neck problem there were no evident reasons for the mesh breaking but there was a quick fix with the collar by adding some geometry which needed to be there, with the neck i decided it was the same problem so i took my maya model and smoothed it then exported it to zbrush and that seems to have worked fine.

with the crazy seam problem it was apparent that when i mirrored the geometry in maya it did not merge the verts so i halfed the model and made sure the geo wass merged and still the problem occured. i looked depper into the mesh and it was clear that in some areas the seam had created lots of extra geo and placed it on top of each other so i went through the model and got rid of the unneeded geo and this solved my problems now it is ready to be messed with in zbrush.

this process has proved a good test for the model that u have built as zbrush shows up irregularities that maya didnt.

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  1. Hi
    You can quickly see problems like this in Maya if you go to Mesh -> Cleanup..., select nonmanifold geometry, and run cleanup.

    the other test I always run after making any connections or mirroring is to go to Lighting (in my perspective viewport, and turn off two sided lighting. This way you will see if any normals are flipped, because they will turn black.

    Great work so far btw :)